Over the years, thousands of tourists have driven Mexico with "Mexico" Mike's maps and roadlogs!


"Mexico" Mike has introduced more people to a Mexico driving vacation than anyone except for Dan Sanborn. Mike wants you not only to take the safest driving routes, but to take the most interesting routes, so you can learn a little about this fascinating country. Anybody can sell you a map or a roadlog that tells you where the gas and diesel stations are and how to get to the RV parks. A roadlog would not be a real road log if it did not have at least the major turn-by-turn directions.

Mike gives you more, much more! He adds a little history, a little social commentary and some interesting travel tidbits that you can only get from someone who has driven Mexico himself for the past 40 years.

These maps and roadlogs are not just limited to RV travelers. Most drivers to Mexico drive their normal everyday cars, pickup trucks and vans. But some people only give you RV info. Mike offers RV park info of course, but also hotels, side trips, treks, campsites for tenters and just about anyone who wants to discover Mexico.

MikeMaps are selective. He eliminates the superfluous - the little roads that probably don't go anywhere a tourist wants to go. But he includes the secondary routes that interest tourists. Some of the maps are like Disneyland maps, with commentary on them. Some are more "mappy" with scales of about 1 inch = 36 miles. They are NOT topo maps. They are for drivers with the information a driver needs - mileages, accurate drive times and points of interest.

Most importantly, these maps and road logs will give you a taste of WHY you should take a certain route or WHAT you could see if you deviated from the toll road by 20 miles. It's like having your own experienced guide in the passenger seat.